Monday, March 26, 2012

My diet journal for all the world to see

As I get ready to seriously embark on the last diet I ever want to be on, I'm pondering whether to post my diet journal publicly to motivate myself to be good.  I feel like if I know someone else is watching what I eat that I won't be as tempted to have many bad days.

I'm not promising that I won't have my bad days, just that if I have them that I won't out right quit on my weight and health goals.  Being a Monday, I know I am usually good during the week, but when the weekend comes is when I have trouble staying "good."

Since I didn't eat anything just yet, I have nothing to post but a picture of what my diet journal looks like.  I usually include all the calories, fat grams, my activities, calories burned from exercise, and some words of encouragement.

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