Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stuffing with SNAP

Day 3 of the SNAP Experience was actually a great day for energy. I scored a box of stuffing for 50 cents and it serves 5 cups. Normally, my diet can't afford all the carbs and calories of stuffing, but for 50 cents and a small selection of sale food I had to choose from I went for it.

I also jumped on the scale this morning and I have lost a pound since Monday. When I started the challenge I was adamant about keeping my schedule and work out routine the same. So far, my energy level has been low all week and I crashed yesterday at 11pm. And for the first time all week I finally got 9 hours of sleep, but only because I am exhausted and eating less than my normal diet.

Here is what I ate today.

Breakfast: -- Calories: -- Cost:
Coffee with less Soy Milk than yesterday -- 25 -- .30
1 can of Slim Rite -- 170 -- .80

Kashi cereal, I ate 1/2 a serving dry -- 90 -- .18

Tuna Sandwich no mayo (79 cents a can and bread on sale for $1.24 a pack)3/4 serving of Cream Cheese and arugula --165 -- $1.29
1 Egg--70--.13
Coffee with Soy Milk -- 25 .30

Kashi cereal, I ate 1/2 a serving dry -- 90 -- .18

Stuffing -- 260 -- .10
1/2 Serving of Cream Cheese-- 35--.13
1 Egg --70--.13

Kashi cereal, I ate 1/2 a serving dry -- 90 -- .18
2 cups of black coffee--20--.36

Total water intake 3/4 of a jug -- .59

Total Calories: 1110
Total Cost: $4.67

Would you like to know if you can live on a $29.00 food budget click here for more information.

The Arizona SNAP Experience is sponsored by the Arizona Community Action Association

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