Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The SNAP Recap

By day 5 of the SNAP experience, my husband was getting worried for me.  I was cranky, I was running on 4 hours of sleep at night and my stomach was cramping.  I did really well on Friday during the day, but by night my body was craving something more substantial.  I broke down and ate a microwave dinner that cost about $4.00, a granola bar, and pre-birthday cookie.

The days totals amounted to $8.19 and my 5 day total was at $24.78 and going out to eat total was $11.82.  A total of $36.60.  I say not bad for the first time ever doing this, I think if my birthday didn't land on day 6 of the challenge I think I could have mentally prepared myself better for it.

One thing for sure, I appreciate the SNAP program even more.  I always thought at least people get benefits, because in the Philippines you would have to make do without any help or at least that's how it was when my parents were growing up there.  But budgeting for that little amount makes me realize that $29.00 a week is still not enough to get by. 

I also realize how healthy food is more expensive and can see why people can gain weight on a $29.00 a week grocery budget, because despite not having enough to eat, people cannot eat a well balanced healthy meal.  The cheapest thing I bought during the week was a box of stuffing that had 10 servings.  After eating just 2 servings, I looked at the box and realized there was nothing nutritious about it and it was loaded with sodium and carbs.  Sure it filled me up for the short term, but I think it made me hungrier and thirstier to try to drown out all the salt I just inhaled.

This was a completely eye opening experience and one I think I will do at a later time to complete the whole 7 days to remind myself of how lucky I truly am to be able to eat healthy.

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