Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Really? What!

Really? What! Was my reaction when my doctor told me I still had high blood pressure after losing weight. And actually it's higher now than when I went to him about a year ago. What I am surprised at is that he kept asking me if I was stressed out and I honestly don't feel any more stressed out than I usually am.

I like to keep busy and don't normally sleep well, that's just how I've always been. I suppose taking 10 minutes to do some relaxing yoga might help, but my doctor warned me that whatever my parents have, I will most likely have if I don't sacrifice the salts, sugars and the carbs.

Really! That's what makes the best food isn't it! I was able to be honest with him and say that since I don't have kids my husband and I like to eat out and drink. He advised that I can still have fun, but instead of finishing everything on my plate like we were taught growing up I have to start trying to take a doggy bag home.

Luckily, I already can't finish most of the portions restaurants serve, but overall I never thought that eating out is a contributor of my high blood pressure. Well, I guess that's why I'm not a doctor nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn.

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