Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 Reasons to Keep Going

Photo taken with a net weight loss of 38lbs, total of 44lbs (gained 6 pounds when I took a 3 month break)

Sometimes being on this weight journey can be difficult, especially when you pull all nighters for a photo shoot, running around for meetings, planning fashion shows, making contacts, sending out press releases, visiting family and still have time for yourself and significant other.

It can be enough to make you want to quit, but here are 12 reasons that I don't want to or can't. Hope some of it applies to you : ).

1.) I don't want to be fat anymore! I have been fat for the majority of my marriage and I don't want to be the "big" version of me any more. The "big" me has insecurities about wearing skirts, showing off my now toned legs, and the "big" me can't see worth behind layers of big girl clothes. I have always had an inside battle with myself and I am finally winning!

2.) I like the attention!
Despite the honks and the guys who yell stuff from their vehicles when I jog or when I am out and I get hit on, I like the attention. It makes me feel like I am finally worth looking at. This rarely happened when I was bigger.

3.) I am mentally and physically stronger! I can't believe how down I was on myself over my appearance that it carried over to my whole life. Since I couldn't lose the weight, there were things I felt I couldn't do in general and I wouldn't even try. Now I truly believe I can do anything - bring it on!

4.) I am happier now! This journey made me realize a lot of things about myself and things I was grudgingly holding on to that wasn't productive to my weight goals and my life. It was like when I released the weight, I also released many of the issues that came with it. Bye, bye burdens!

5.) My knees don't hurt as much! I read that for every pound lost that it takes 3 pounds of pressure from your knees and boy is that true! When I first started walking the arches on my feet hurt and my knees felt like they were going to buckle with every step. Guess what! I can now jog about 3 miles comfortably!

6.) It's easier to get out of bed! Since I am self-employed, it's easy to sleep in because I don't want to get up and it seems like I just couldn't get up at a decent hour. It's easier for me to get up at 7:30am now and start a productive day of work.

7.) I'm make smarter choices!
It's amazing how much junk food I was really eating, way too much to lose any weight even with exercise. I actually enjoy eating salads and my favorite vegetable is arugula - weird I know, but call me a rabbit.

8.) My skin feels firmer! Since I keep a regular exercise routine, I've noticed that not only do I feel stronger, but my skin feels firmer.

9.) I wear better clothes now!
For the first few months when I was smaller, I was still buying bigger clothes because I still thought I was the same size. But now that I have snapped out of it, I love wearing tighter fitting clothes with more style that show off my new figure.

10.) My health has improved!
I feel in my lungs when I run, I can breathe easier and I can do more activities without feeling tired. I also read that eating more leafy greens and vegetables can decrease your chances for cancer. I went for my first mammogram two months ago, because I have a family history and I am currently cancer free!

11.) I can finally go swimming in public!
It's amazing that my weight held me back from getting into a pool, now we are practically at my friends pool every weekend.

12.) I can't stop, because I haven't completed my goal! I am a goal oriented person and it would make me feel bad if I didn't make this goal. I have about 34 - 40 more pounds to go for my ultimate goal, I am not going to stop now, even though there have been "bad" days, but what are a few bad days compared to the whole length of time it will take you to complete this ultimate life task.

Keep yourself on your path and enjoy the rewards, whatever the rewards maybe for yourself. For me, I have seen many of my family members and older friends suffer through health issues connected with their eating habits, their weight and lack of activity. I don't want to be paying for medical treatments for a illness that can be prevented now. I'm in it for the long run, I'm in it to have a long healthy life.

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