Thursday, July 15, 2010

12 Vacation Essentials

(Me in Prescott and I happen to fit perfectly under this shrub, I also made my sun dress with Lucky Cats : )

Technically, I was on a vacation or as they say staycation and as much as I wanted to lose weight during the 2 weeks I am just glad I didn't gain any weight. I found it really difficult not to eat out or drink when I wanted to have a good time with my hubby.

I think the hardest part trying to lose weight on a vacation is just proportions and letting lose a little. It is after all a break from routine and work responsibilities. Below are 12 things I have learned.

1.) Stay active - we went up to Prescott a couple times which is only about an hour and a half outside of Phoenix, there are a lot of antique shops to look at and so we found it easy to walk around and window shop for about 4-5 hours. (I know if I didn't stay active, I would have probably gained weight)

2.) Don't give up your recording routine - as much as I was scared to keep track of all the food and alcohol I was consuming, I still did it. Even though on some days I was at 2,800 calories for the day. Writing it down made me feel that since I ate a lot, then I can do some exercise to off set it whenever I could.

3.) Sucking it in - A friend of mine Anna, told me that if you suck in your stomach and hold it for at least 3 seconds at least 3 times a day that it can actually work out your abs. This tip was perfect when walking around and I have gotten use to just sucking my tummy in whenever I can and during my aerobics. I have seen the difference, I can actually see my ab muscles - WOO HOO!

4.) Stretching - my hubby and my dog are great fans of stretching. It loosens up your muscles and starts your day off right and you can do them anywhere.

5.) Walking on your tip toes - I've noticed that I like my legs better when I am on my tip toes because it gives some definition and works out your calf muscles. This perfect for work when you can sit at your desk. I am not accustom to heels, but maybe I am ready for them after tip toeing around. : )

6.) Just say no - this is a hard one for me, I like trying new things and since I am Filipino it's in my culture to not offend anyone by not eating their food. But I have to remember it is my body and I have to respect it. This proves difficult at times at parties and social gatherings.

7.) Knowing when to stop - once you have tried the food if you absolutely couldn't resist, give yourself a limit and remember if you eat more you will either have to try to burn it off or fear that you have gained weight. Having a bad food day is fine once in a while, but I know earlier this year when I took a break it was harder to stick with a routine.

8.) Familiarizing yourself with food - I have counted thousands of calories and can pretty much guess the caloric content of the food I am eating, simply because I tend to eat the same foods. When I don't know what to order and don't want to go overboard, I order my safe foods like salads with dressing / salsa on the side, grilled chicken with no skin, etc, because I know even if the restaurant added a little bit of oil it's not too unhealthy to eat.

9.) Rationing out your calories - I did this a lot on my vacation, when we had decided earlier in the day where we were going out to eat I had lighter meals and saved my calories for going out. When we went to the Waffle Iron in Prescott, I had half a Slim Fast to get through the ride up and ate a hearty brunch and didn't really eat too much after that.

10.) Try on "skinny" clothes - I love doing this when going shopping, pick a size that you want to be and it's just more incentive to lose weight. It motivates you to want to eventually buy that size sooner than later. Or heck, buy it for a daily reminder.

11.) Taking the stairs, instead of the elevator - did you know that walking up / down stairs burns 8 calories per minute versus standing which only burns 1.5 / 2 calories per minute. I have come to enjoy the library, since I buy books and never read them, the 3 week deadline forces you to actually open it and read it. Anyways, the wedding books are always on the 5th floor and I always use to huff and puff by the time I got to the top and now I just slightly have to catch my breath. ; )

12.) Have fun together - the great thing about a vacation is that you can do whatever you like. I really enjoyed spending time with my hubby and we even worked out together on several occasions. Having fun is certainly contagious, whenever he would do weights, I wanted to join in or if I was dancing he would dance too. : )

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