Monday, June 21, 2010

Today's 12 Steps

Pop quiz, which one has more calories - the soup or one serving of condensed milk? (answer is on the bottom of this blog)

Isn't it funny how people dread Mondays, even when you are self-employed and make your own work schedule I think most of us has "the case of the Mondays." Every time I hear that it just reminds me of the movie Office Space and the other Michael Bolton.

Anyways, today's 12 steps are more about what can lead to over eating. Everyone is different so some of my steps may not apply to you. But I think half the battle about losing or as my friend Sheila says "releasing" the weight is knowing your body and getting over the mental road blocks that led us to this point.

(releasing the weight is better than "losing," because if you lose something you may find it again)

1.) Eat something when your tummy is growling! I know that for me I over eat when I wait too long to eat if I am hungry. Even if I eat a little snack and then drink lots of water, it's better than nothing.

2.) Talk to yourself! I constantly tell myself "that was exactly what I needed and I don't need to eat any more" or "I did a really good job putting sugar in my coffee." Talking to yourself is a constant self-motivator, after all this a competition with yourself. For me I am trying to get back to the weight I was when I first started college. I can see the college me waiting for me at the end of the tunnel. : )

3.) Stand when you eat. If you are at home and usually sit, this maybe a little awkward at first, but you lose more calories by standing then sitting. I have a breakfast bar counter that is perfect for putting on a upbeat CD and eating upright. After a while, I don't even notice I am doing a little dance while I eat and drink water.

4.) Keep track of how much water you drink. On average you should be drinking 8 - 10 glasses of 8 oz of water. More if you drink coffee, because coffee is a dehydrator. For one cup of coffee you have to drink 2 cups of water. Water is great, it flushes out the toxins in your body, makes you feel fuller and even makes your skin look better.

5.) Measuring your food. Measuring is tedious for sure, but at least you know exactly how much you are eating. This step can get a little difficult when eating out (which is something I need to cap at only twice a week anyways), but I realize that 3 oz of meat/ poultry / fish is about the size of a deck of cards, 8 oz (1 cup) of liquid is half the size of a 16 oz bottle of water, and three teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon. I always estimate my portions higher than what I am actually eating, so I trick my mind to thinking fuller than I am.

6.) My dentist will love this one, but I brush my teeth after my meals. When I have fresh minty breath and a clean mouth I don't want to spoil it with eating. I would chew gum, but I am a intense gum chewer and sometimes bite the side of my cheek.

7.) Sit up straight whenever you can. An improved posture or sitting up straight makes you look thinner and being conscious of your posture is another exercise you can do at your desk without looking weird in front of your coworkers.

8.) Tell your exercise / eating plans to your significant other or diet buddy. This way if you don't feel like working out or are thinking about eating Jack in the Box, your friend can hold you to what you said earlier. The best promising to keep are the promises you make to yourself and at least you have people to remind you. : )

9.) Don't buy things that will tempt you to eat. If you are like me, if it is in easy reach of me I will most likely take a nibble of it or just eat it altogether. Grocery shopping can be hard when you have a family or in my case a husband who has never needed to diet ever. But I understand he needs to eat too, so I ask him to buy healthier versions of his food, just in case.

10.) Save half your meal and replace it with lots of salad or lettuce with no dressing. For me it's all mental, sometimes when I want to eat something it's more about tasting it and feeling full. I do admit I am still a foodie, I like to try different restaurants and different foods. I can still do that if I half the portion and then order a salad with no dressing, but with balsamic vinegar on the side.

11.) Watch your condiments, occasionally in my food diary I forget to record my condiments. If you are a condiment lover like I am it adds up. A tablespoon of ketchup has 15 calories, if you add 2 tablespoons to a breakfast burrito, a piece of ham, etc you just added about 100 calories. Remember regular salad dressing have about 100 calories and 9 grams of fat for 2 tablespoons. I would rather have a granola bar if I am going to eat 100 calories. : )

12.) Eat your protein. I started noticing that my hair isn't as healthy as it once was. Honestly, my hair looked great when I wasn't losing weight, because the fatty foods I was eating. But I would rather be healthy overall and I have found that eating protein has made my hair condition better. I eat an egg almost everyday and I read some updated news that you can actually eat an egg everyday and it won't do much to your cholesterol level if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. I drink soy milk, eat tofu and about 3 times a week I will eat fish.

I hope this will help my diet buddies, I am here to help. When I released my first 30 pounds it was within 7 months. It was slower progress than I wanted it to be, but when I took a 4 month break I only gained 4 pounds back. The old me I think would have gone buck wild and probably would have gained more. The best thing about just changing my eating habits is that I know it's not only to be thin, but it's to be healthy.

I have a high risk of getting breast cancer, because of my mom and all the research I have read is that if you regularly exercise and eat lots of leafy greens, it can significantly reduce your chances of cancer.

ANSWER to Pop Quiz: Ok, it was a trick question, they both had the same calories, but which one would you rather have as a meal?
Organic Soup = 130 calories, 2 grams of fat for one serving
Condensed milk = 130 calories, 3 grams of fat for one serving

(Food compliments of when I raided my friends pantry. Hope your move is easier now Nikolai : )

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