Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The first 12 steps.......

(Left picture was when I was at my heaviest and right picture is me now, I have 50 pounds to go)

As I am approaching having lost a total 34 pounds, including 4 pounds I gained and trying to lose, I wanted to write out all the things I did that helped change my lifestyle. I hope my "diet buddies" are reading this, having friends / family to keep motivated definitely helped. A little friendly competition is great, but having a supporter to back you up is even better.

Things I have learned / had to adapt to:

1.) Cut down on processed foods - canned food, frozen foods, and pre-prepared meals.

2.) Cut down on fast foods - lessen eating out to once or twice a week and don't over do it!

3.) Stop thinking this - "If I am going to be bad, I'm going to be really bad" or "Why not, I'm doing bad already," replace it with "I need to do better" or "I'm going to have a salad for dinner, because I ate a burger for lunch"

4.) Don't feel guilty for not losing weight right away, like my hubby says it took you years to gain the weight, don't expect to lose the weight overnight.

5.) Have a glass of water at least 8-10 oz before each meal and after, you will keep hydrated but you will also feel full until your next meal.

6.) Realizing that we don't have to eat only 3 times a day, I munch on veggies constantly to not thinking about "dieting." Remember it's a lifestyle change not a diet otherwise die yet. Hehehe. Before I use to snack on chips, there are alternatives to your eating style.

7.) Dinner doesn't have to be your biggest meal, you need energy during the day. If you like to eat a big breakfast for energy that's ok. Don't think you are pigging out, because your eating style is that way. My eating style is light breakfast (200 - 300 calories), because I feel queasy when I eat too much after waking up, then a moderate lunch (about 400-600 calories, a light snack (200 calories) and a moderate dinner because I need just enough energy to take an evening walk.

8.) I record all my calories, fat grams and activities in my diet diary. I took a sketch pad and I put all my thoughts, goals and positive quotes in it to keep me motivated.

9.) I log into my account to see how many calories some foods are if they didn't come with a nutrition label and also to look up what activities burn the most calories.

10.) Instead of turning to food when I am stressed out, I just take a walk and drink lots of water. Inactivity is a "stressor" and can sometimes make you feel depressed, don't make it worse by eating if you are not hungry.

11.) Telling yourself you are not hungry, sometimes works and what works for me is knowing that there are truly hungry people out there. My hubby works with food banks and I have read some hunger stories of people and families who really know what is to be hungry. I will never say "I am starving" after reading stories of people who haven't had anything to eat for a week or more.

12.) Perception is key and remember that YOU CAN DO THIS! You have done harder things in your life, after this you can stare that piece of cake and say I am totally not going to eat you, because cake you are not worth the calories.

Ok, so I talk to my food, but that's what has helped me too and it makes me laugh and perhaps makes people around me laugh to which is good for your abs. : )

I have more tips, I just can't remember them all right now.


African Kelli said...

I think these are so well-thought and appropriate. I don't have lots of weight to lose, but I do many of these to maintain a healthy weight. Most importantly, you emphasize it is a process and a way of life.

Miachelle said...

I understand what you are going through. I gained 20 pounds in two years, and my husband put on a lot of weight since his Army retirement in 2004. We are doing a certain diet plan right now, which uses the same rules you listed in your blog. In four weeks I've lost 10 pounds, with 7 more to go. He's lost 14 of his goal, and we are both feeling pretty good right now.
We found a food scale that has over 900 foods and their nutritional values at Target. It's a great scale, and takes off some of the stress when we are trying to evaluate how much we can have of something. I wish you success in your journey--but then it seems you are experiencing a lot of success lately, and are headed for more.

Jennyvi Dizon said...

Awe thanks guys, : ) I wish you all success in all your goals not only your weight / health goals. I think when you improve yourself, your vision is clear for other opportunities. I had a very bad body image and I am still learning everyday to improve it. When you feel fat and "unworthy", then guess what you don't feel "worthy" enough to take risks, don't have the confidence in your career, and can't see past the negativity to open doors. Being healthy has improved my whole life : ) and I'm glad I am not alone!