Friday, June 25, 2010

12 steps for the weekend

Here's my typical thoughts on weekends. We go out to eat with friends or family and they get to order whatever they want, stuff their faces with food that I would love to eat, and to kick it off they have a beer. Isn't that torture to someone trying to watch their weight.

So, here are my tips I have to remember this weekend when I am out and about, as well as celebrating my father-in-laws birthday.

1.) Don't drink your calories. If you want to cheat a little on your diet, then do it with food that will make you feel satisfied. Water, water, water!

2.) If you are going to have a salad, ask for salsa instead of salad dressing. Yes, you might think it will not taste good, but it really is. Especially if you do it with tip number 3 (see below).

3.) If you are going to a steakhouse, which I am most likely will be doing and you want to eat meat or chicken, get it grilled, cut it up and mix it into a salad. If you are going to cheat, get some healthy veges with it.

4.) Get a to go box. When you ask for a to go box, ask for it before you eat. That way if you cut your portions in half, it's not on your plate tempting you to eat more. Out of sight, out of mind.

5.) Skip on the appetizer and the FREE bread rolls. Emphasis on the free, because like most people when you are getting something for free you want to take advantage of it.

6.) Share your food! The less is on your plate, the better for your weight goals. And if your hubby or hunny is like mine, he will want that extra piece of steak. Then you look like the kind and giving woman that you are, hehehe.

7.) Always order the smallest portion the restaurant offers or order the appetizer for your meal (that's when order a appetizer is ok), or even order off the kids menu. Who cares if you don't have a kid at the table, if they will let you just jokingly say that you are a kid at heart. Funny thing about appetizers is if you think about it, you are ordering a meal, before a meal.

8.) Chew thoroughly. What was that old rule of thumb, chew your food at least 32 times, because it's better to digest. Well, it's also good to make your meal last longer and for you to be able to drink enough water to make you feel full. I was in San Diego a couple year ago and the waiter commented how he has never seen anyone make 2 pieces of yellowtail sushi into a meal. I would have felt self-conscious, but I didn't care I would never see this waiter again. : )

9.) If your family is wanting to do something after going out to eat, suggest you do a little shopping so you can get some walking in. Most restaurants are near or in shopping centers. If you have to tell a white lie, do it! I usually say, "hey while the Target is on the way can we stop, cuz I really need shampoo." Something I will need eventually, right.

10.) Do your grocery shopping after you eat. This way you can walk off your meal and also not feel tempted to buy unnecessary food or junky stuff. When you are hungry, you will want almost anything in your cart and regret it later.

11.) Actually swim if you are at a pool party. Sounds like common sense, but when everyone is having a good time they want to lounge and drink. And while everyone is doing that occasionally throw in some laps or keep or legs moving. You can even get some friends to play Marco Polo with you.

12.) BYOB or bring your own food at parties, especially if it is a picnic or a potluck. Since you made it or bought it, you know that you can eat it.

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