Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The most special moments in my life

The most memorable moments in my life are not ground breaking or earth shaking, but it's those moments when you know the other person isn't going to remember. It's the moments that you keep closer to your heart than any other, because it is simply yours.

For me the most memorable moments is a passing glance, a quick laugh and a kiss right before you fall asleep.

Everyday I wake up and I know how lucky I am to have such a loving husband and if ever he finds that he is not in love with me anymore (I know it's not going to happen) I know that I was lucky to have felt this kind of love.

There is something amazing about knowing how much you can love, even if you experience heart break at least you got to that point in your life. You can hate the experience or you can move forward and love again. Once you have loved, you can find new ways to love yourself and others, but maybe I've always been a romantic.

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Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer said...

awww... i needed to read this at this very moment!