Monday, April 7, 2008

If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for everything!

I've heard this saying a couple times and now it's finally being applied. In the last couple years, I've had to break away from my old school of thought of thinking that if I say something that people disagree with that I will be made to look like I was being negative or more so looking like I am complaining. Not anymore, I've realized that in the past I have bottled every emotion I had and every few months or so I would go into a couple days of deep depression despite my normal happy demeanor.

It's a feeling I definitely don't like feeling, but sometimes it's good to have a good cry and in the end it's help me clean and organize some things in my life. When I feel down, all I want to do is clean, because I know that once the clutter is gone my emotional garbage goes away much like the things in my house.

Just recently got over a slight depression from feeling like I am not good enough to do handle all the things on my plate and thinking that I was a talentless waste of space on this earth after remembering the things that was said to me during all 3 Project Runway try outs.

It's funny how somethings you think that didn't bother you at the time, bites you in the ass later when you aren't having your best day. But again, all I had to do was some cleaning and sure enough I felt better and seeing less clutter makes me less stressed and more productive.

I know my best days are yet to come and although I hate waiting, I just have to remember to have patience. After all, it is a virtue, but I'm realizing having a voice that is heard is just as important.

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