Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I had time to think about my life

As I walk this earth, I wonder about things to come in life.
I am scared of success, scared of losing myself in the midst of the opportunities that have crossed my path.
I look forward to helping out my mother, who has always seemed to struggle to be happy.
I cry for her every night to hope that she finally is.
I contemplate my own happiness and would sacrifice my own for hers.
I have been blessed to be able to smile and let laughter take away my pain.
But yet to take on hers to burden it as my own.

I realize that people should live their own lives, but if I have enough to give to my mother, I would gladly give a part of mine to her.
If only she can taste a bit of what I have and cultivate her own.
She has worked so hard and loved the wrong person for so long that I would gladly give a part of my heart, so she could feel real love for once.

I worry for her and family, but selfishly live my own happy life.
I feel guilt for what I have and hope that someday soon that I could provide for all my third world country relatives.

I have been blessed with ambition, blessed with skill, blessed with unbending determination to succeed for myself.

And succeed I will without ego and prejudice among the less fortunate, but succeeding with the hope to make a difference.

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