Saturday, February 2, 2008

Post From Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lent Give Up 2008

In honor of last years Lent, when I gave up all mammals (cows, chickens, duck, and pretty much anything that can walk on legs), I am giving up all mammals and cheese. And for those who know me, I love cheese. My husband doesn't think I can do it, but he said that last year.

He did remind of all the foods that have cheese like pizza (my fave), the most yummiest of Italian foods must now be basic, and Mexican food which has cheese on everything. I guess till February 6th, I have to have my fill. But I actually already psyched myself out, we just ran out of cheese and I'm thinking that I could have done without on my burger.

I know it sounds crazy, but not as crazy as when I gave up sushi. That was torture as a Pacific Islander. I think can think of all the things I gave up and so here they are:

2001 - Gave up Soda
2002 - Pizza
2003 - My husband says I might of given up T.V
2004 - Cussing and Sucking Ass / Procrastinating
2005 - Either Bacon or Chocolate or both
2006 - Sushi and Cussing
2007 - Eating Mammals
2008 - Coming soon - eating mammals and cheese.

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