Saturday, February 2, 2008

Post From Friday, October 12, 2007

Road Rage Stress

So, yesterday I took as a sign that I happened to get one of those meditation CD's through my One Spirit book club and decided to try to change my road raging ways. Don't worry, I am not one to yell at other cars or even honk, but if someone almost hits me by cutting me off they're liable to get the bird. I don't honk too much, only because the bird is much more of a natural reaction for me. And if you can read lips if you drive too slow in the fast lane, you would be shocked at what I am mouthing. But if your in the fast lane going the speed limit, be nice and let me pass, so I can ten over the speed limit. I heard if you go 55 miles an hour, it's better for your gas mileage anyway. : )

But, as I was driving around North Phoenix and Scottsdale yesterday, I was at peace with the Tao. The CD was filled with insightful positive affirmations, but the only problem I had with it was that after each affirmation was said, the guy would chant and I would laugh. Just because, it's weird to hear in a car and thank goodness I turned it off before getting to the Jack and the Box window to get my food. The lady would have probably thought I was crazy, we'll I think she thought that anyway since, through the muffled speaker, I couldn't understand her and it took me twice as long to order. Oh well. It will be Day 2 of the Tao today........I guess I'm a lot calmer behind the wheel.

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