Sunday, February 3, 2008

My girl day!

So, the husband is out of town for Superbowl Sunday and I have the whole house to myself. Well, other than the dog who hasn't moved from the couch since breakfast, I still have the bedroom, my sewing room the kitchen, all three bathrooms that I will probably use all of them! Hahahaha, I'm gonna do all the things I can't really do when there is a man in the house. You know girl stuff! I have a client coming over, but after that I'm going to put on "Pride and Prejudice" the one with Kiera Knightly in it and watch "Devil Wears Prada" after that.

I want to be famous so bad, I have a business meeting next week that I want to go through with little to no kinks. This deal will definitely get me more into the fashion industry, more so than I already am.

I'm getting there, everyday I work, work, work. I'm living, breathing, and sleeping fashion. This what I had wanted to do since I started sewing Barbie clothes, when I was 5. In the beginning of all of this my mom said to pick a back up and I did in accounting. As much as I am good at my part-time day job, I get distracted by all things fashion.

Hell, I might not even be a good accounting manager. I know for sure that I am a great designer! I was thinking of the next time I try out for Project Runway, since this year will be the 4th time. That I don't even care anymore if I get picked or not, it's just great to get real reviews from the gatekeepers of fashion.

The last time, I tried out I was pissed off, but then again I took what they said and I used it to move forward.

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